This project exists to inspire us all to slow down and live rich lives by connecting us to food through beauty, wisdom, and intuition.

Let's build a food culture we're proud to pass down.


here's what i've got cookin' in order to help us do that:

Heirloom Food Stories

Each month we’ll deeply explore one fruit or vegetable so we can connect with the whole stories—the joys, hardships, and curiosities—behind the foods we prepare in our kitchens.

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Collective Food Wisdom

Each week, I turn one piece of crowd-sourced wisdom into a visual treat. The goal is to gather a bank of food wisdom that spans many languages, religions, races, and cultures so we can all learn from each other.


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Cooking Classes

Do you want to know how to cook? Really and truly know how to cook? I’m currently crafting programs (both online and in person) that will help you become the kind of cook who takes a pile of ingredients and turns it into a satisfying meal without a recipe. Or the kind of cook that is deeply connected to all aspects of food. Or the kind of cook who bakes her own bread on the regular. I'll add the classes to my website and weekly emails as they become available.

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Creative Collaborations

If you’ve got a food-related venture and are finding yourself stuck, perhaps I can help. I’m a creative problem solver who can provide a burst of strategy and art to nudge you forward. I specialize in taking amorphous, undefined problems and shaping real, tangible solutions. That could mean we have a one-time brainstorm or a multi-month project. I’d love to chat with you to figure it out!

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