Photo: Mark Gamba Photography

Photo: Mark Gamba Photography

My name is Gina Lorubbio,


and I’m an artist, strategist, and good food advocate. I’ve held jobs across the food system: line cook at a trattoria, milk tasting slinger for a revolutionary dairy, food system documenter for a nationwide guide, resource developer for food job seekers, and traveling volunteer on farms and in kitchens.

I hold a degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati, where I learned about placemaking, creative problem solving, and visual communication. For the past 5 years, I’ve nudged social movements forward as a brand strategist with organizations like Green Rising Marketing and Wayfinding Academy.

I apply all of this to American Heirloom Project, where I use writing and art to help us all be a part of creating a resilient food culture we’re proud to pass down.  

with that being said...

This isn't about me. This is about all of us learning and building something together. I see myself as a student and curator, listening to what is happening in the world and providing a platform for all kinds of people to share their voices. If you have a story to tell about food, I'd love to meet you in person or on Skype over a cup of tea. Send me an email to start the conversation.